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Effective exercises

         At the request of students, listeners and readers have been prepared and offer you this article for more effective exercises that will help you make healthy the pelvic organs, perineum, improve attention and memory, as well as balance the hormonal and immune systems. For maximum effect, these exercises should be performed daily.

Effective exercises and self-massage will balance the hormonal and immune systems,

or How the perineum of person connected with the brain.

         Chinese medicine emphasizes the need to bring to a state of balance of various systems of the body to restore balance and harmony, strengthen the body, soul and spirit. Massage Chi Nei Tsang is based on a holistic approach of the ancient tradition of the Tao, so during this procedure occurs beneficial effects on the body, prevention and treatment of many diseases.

         One who practices this abdominal massage frees the body from the blocks in the abdominal cavity, restoring the free movement of energy that begins to flow to the vital organs. As a result, and activated physiological processes in the body, in particular improved the blood circulation process. With the help of massage Chi Nei Tsang can help not only themselves but also other people restore good health. For anyone who wants to master this method, are massage courses  and workshops.

         The basic idea and goal of Chi Nei Tsang - to teach people how to heal themselves by itself, find access to their own great inner healing power.

Exercise, which should be done every day.

         Eastern medicine teaches us to pay attention not only its appearance but also the parts of the body, which itself can not be seen and someone embarrassed to show. Exercises for the perineal, one of which is described below, are particularly useful in sedentary lifestyle, if prolapse the internal organs and to restore hormonal balance.

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