Wishing you good health and blessing of the LORD!

Meetings take place at Academy of Holistic Worldview.

Regular training Tai Chi Qigong I for beginners is now possible with video.

         Workshops and training lead by sénior instructor Volodymyr Petsiukh. Tao (Dao) Master Mantak Chia has already inspired him to transmit such directions of Tao traditions: Massage, Massage Courses, Yoga, Qigong (Chi Kung), Tai Chi and Meditation of Inner Alchemy in state of Holy Octave. You can take a part the Massage Courses, to train techniques of the Energy Massage, Meditation, as well as Tai Chi for Beginners, in which harmoniously combines Qigong and Yoga. You have a real opportunity to invest with integrity in Your life for the self-improvement and cognition of truth. You can view Schedule of trainings and workshops , massages, Massage Courses , as well as different types of tools and equipment for self - massage.


          You may be interested in determining your strengths and weaknesses to understand themselves during the choice of life. This question concerns the psychological mechanism of your interactions with other people based on your personal innate qualities inherent for you perception of the world. If you wish, it is also the question we can solve together. During individual consultation addresses issues related to the implementation exercise, meditation and others.


         The basic training center is located in Thailand - in the "Land of Smiles". In northern Thailand living at Tao Garden Mantak Chia lives. There he organized a Training Center and the World Universal Healing Tao Instructors Faculty (WUHTIF), whose branches spread in all continents and operate in almost all countries. We study the philosophy of healthy lifestyle and longevity. You also have the opportunity to join us. The task of each of us to realize our Spark of God to be able to light up the entire Universe your way of Harmony, with God.

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