Activation Relationship - Ac

         The social Activation Relationship (Ac) initially rises mood, attracts partners and there is a pleasant communication. When there is a common cause, then quite rapidly the partners can make a decision and as fast can be completed. In everyday life these relationship eventually brings fatigue, but they are suitable for the holidays. After the celebration they want separately calm down and go away, and after daily life they want celebrate and meet again. In these relations partners willingly and easily are giving useful advice on their strengths but not always are hurrying to do it. It's really useful advices which need some time to ponder. Only those difficult to implement as they relate to weaknesses of the other partner, and on these sides need real help.

         As for work, everybody is acting as it thinks fit, without considering fully of the interests of the partner. At first it may like, but eventually cause the internal tension, dissatisfaction and frustration. In extreme situations, partners act not coordinately although one can help out another. Increasing the distance evens, regulates relations and after sedation, relaxation, arises a pleasant chat about understanding their problems again. The magical festival moment comes again.

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