Tao Tradition

has many deep (secret) knowledge, practices, techniques, exercises, - to explain that it is sometimes not easy. We begin to learn the Tao traditions from something simple and achieve excellence. On this way a guide has its own Harmony, Peace and Love. The initial (basic) Meditation and various exercises can be used in everyday life for balancing subtle energies and improving Harmony. It's a good energy power supply, especially when there is a subtle sense of harmony where body and Soul are focused on the feeling of Gentleness and Love of the Holy Spirit. To deepen knowledge should be cautious, because it requires knowledge of experience of subtle energies. In practice Qigong (Chi Kung) is necessary to comply of safety rules, Meditation and Yoga in this help. In practices Transformation of Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy, You have to take responsibility for their actions. Practice Transformation of Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy may, for example, to increase the energy potential in ten times, and the practice of Spiritual Enlightenment in a hundred times. If you have even implicit inharmonious or destructive energy and they there and inadvertently increase many times. Then what you will do with this? God is with us, because we know that each of us has the creative Spark of God. The task of each of us to take care of own Spark of God, to develop and to improve given to us creativity to the entire Universe we could light up own way of Harmony, with God.

For the practice of Transformation of Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy

need to be prepared, be cleanse the body and especially Soul. Purification of own soul for many people is a very difficult process and for all people, this process continues throughout life on earth. When Body and Soul are sufficiently pure, then gradually you can start to increase energy creative potential and feel increasing harmony of Body and Soul with the Holy Spirit. The practice of Transformation of Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy - is a powerful technique long term cleansing of energy. But it may be a situation where a spoon of tar can spoil a barrel of honey. Therefore Harmony, balanced intentions and especially the feeling of Gentleness and Love with the Holy Spirit will help you avoid the occurrence of undesirable situations.

Moving Meditation Tai Chi Qigong

is suitable for people of all ages who have no contraindications to exercise. This is a good preparation for the practice of Spiritual Enlightenment that can last for many years. The practice of Spiritual Enlightenment should be carefully prepared, with full self-responsibility. When Tao tradition after practice you will experience harmony, lightness comfortable, creative peacefulness, determination to act and pure bliss of your body and soul - it will be a good a guide in your life.

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