Business Relationship - Bs

         Relationship of social Business (Bs) is good at formal meetings. Partners can manifest creative, productive and friendly cooperation on a parity basis. It is important to respect a partner, to exhibit diplomacy and compromise. At the optimal distance partners communicate easily, there is always something to talk about and relate to everything with understanding. Partners are trying to calmly help each other, especially when they make agreement upon a common goal. When the goal they not have, then they try to pass the initiative to each other, and except an interesting festive chatter, they more interesting can not do.

         In the relations of social Businesslike character weak sides partners almost not protected. They equally need help, it is not easy to help each other, but they feel safe and calm. With decreasing the distance they have an internal tension, they realize that doing the wrong things, and doing them. Partners unwittingly train their weaknesses, and each becomes hardier. To quarrel them difficult and frustrating but finding weak links can cool and without that tranquil relationship. Increasing the distance to official level makes again the relations of social Businesslike character solemnly good.

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