Complementing Relationship - С

         The Relationship of social Complement (С) are the most subtle and profound among of all kinds of relationship. At first glance, the partner may nothing special stand out. Everyone can easily be oneself in its strengths. The intentions of each partner are activated for the sake of an agreed common goal. The complexity of this relationship and the advantage is that the strengths of one partner are weakness of second one. The advantage in harmony - this is when each partner takes on those works, which not difficult to do. The complexity in hypocrisy - that is when there is manipulation of the own strengths in order to save own forces and to use the partner's forces for own needs.


         In the Relationships of social Complement most manifest the purity and harmony of body, soul and spirit of each partner. The advantage of this relationship distinguish are in the lightness and harmony of soul in the balanced energy and health, in the success and prosperity, in the love and correct actions. This is such a comfortable atmosphere in the relationship that is completely impossible to convey in words. This is a poetry and fine art creative relationships that bring longevity and a sense of eternity. Partners and interact well together and can relax for the rest. In such relationships, each partner can pass information from own strengths into the weak sides of the partner. Therefore this information is vital and always interesting.


         Subtlety is that information is received and no analyzed. Each one perceives and positive information and negative with the appropriate consequences. As we sow, so the same thing we are reaping, but in larger quantities. When we sow in thoughts - then reaping in the words, when we sow in words - then reaping in the actions. Important are the belief, and thoughts, and words, and actions. The subtlety of the relationship reach such depth that thoughts passed between partners in space and time. The belief in the integrity, into a Single Creative Force protects from the destructive disharmony, which can transform the relationship of the best into the most worst that are not easily even to imagine. Any impact on the belief of the partner has the opposite effect, therefore is only possible to act the own example. With the loss of trust the relationship quite easily broken and then every aware a loss the most precious. Ruined relationships as usually are not restored. Often this relationships is also called a Dual, but there is no full Duality. The nature of social Complement Relationship brightly manifests in the creation of the family, where each partner is deeply feels own responsibility.

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