Chi Nei Tsang I


         Chi Nei Tsang I – Basic Internal Organ Chi Massage.


         Taoist wise men of ancient China during meditation found that the internal organs often have energy blocks, resulting in abdominal cavity formed peculiar knots and plexuses. These obstacles in the vital center of the body leading to limitations energy flow of life force Chi. As a result, slowing the flow of blood and body fluids in a blocked area of the body, which is the reason not healthy. Chi Nei Tsang Massage in such situations is a method of cleansing the energy channels. Taoists discovered that most of the diseases possible to get rid by taking out from the body of the generating their causes - toxins and negative energy. Learning of Massage Chi Nei Tsang I and to know many subtleties can be by passing Massage Courses .


          Indications for Massage:


- Violation of the internal organs and blockage of energy channels in the abdominal cavity.

- Emotional disturbances.

- Violation of the biliary tract.

- Violation of blood flow caused by spasms and sedimentations on the walls of blood vessels.

- Digestion Disorders.

- Bowel sensitive and bloating Syndrome.

- Violation of breath and constipation.

-  Common lost of energy.

- Pain of the back.

- Prolapsus of the internal organs.

- Elimination of toxins from the internal organs and skin.

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