Chi Nei Tsang II


         Chi Nei Tsang II - the internal organs Chi Massage -  chasing the winds (unhealthy energy).


         Chi Nei Tsang II is one of the most profound therapeutic kinds of Massage in classical Chinese and Thai Medicine. Here we use different kinds of effects designed to neutralize the destructive forces of unhealthy and harmful energies. If them direct properly, you can avoid the destructive effects on the body of the inmaterial, invisible energy (wind). The purpose of Chi Nei Tsang - to teach people to be free from these winds through healing exercises, meditation and self-massage. It is important to learn how to prevent destructive action by using the health care practices. Learning of Massage Chi Nei Tsang I and to know many subtleties can be by passing Massage Courses .


          Indications for Massage:


- Intolerable itching, rash is not infectious nature, restless sleep.

- Some difficulties associated with language, jaw and pronunciation.

- Low self-esteem and heightened emotionality.

- Back pain, headache and ringing in the ears.

- Feeling tired, dull pain, tension and anxiety throughout the body.

- Shooting pains that make your stomach hard, dense and weak.

- Seizures and tension in the legs, back and neck.

- Body shiver and tense jaw.

- Pain of the back and chest, and allergic rashes.

- Fatigue in the legs and feet.

- Pain, numbness and heat coming from the legs to the armpits and around hands.

- Hard motility of the back and tension of the solar plexus.

- Excessive heat or cold body, or their frequent alternation.

- Arthritis; Constipation; Hernia.

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