Chi Nei Tsang III


         Chi Nei Tsang III - tendons Chi Massage - energy lines knocking (Healing Harmony).


         Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort has developed the healing bodywork which combines ancient Chinese abdominal organ Massage technique harmoniously with the precious traditional Thai Lanna wisdom Tok Sen (Tapping Line). Traditional Thai wooden Hammer and Wedge are used to create mechanical and sound vibration, tapping along the energy lines that work deeply into the fascia and muscle to improve energy flow and give relief to stiffness and aching in muscles and tendons. The vibration help to promote blood circulation and energy flow. Chi Nei Tsang III Massage totally relieve the stiffness, pain and fatigue.


         Indications for Massage:


- Hemiplegia.

- Paraplegia.

- Problems and sore tendons.

- Constraint nerves.

- Ligaments and joints pain.

- Muscles pain.

- Headaches and neck tension.

- Pain in the shoulder.

- Pain under the shoulder blade.

- Syndrome painful hands, elbow and numbness.

- Intercostal pain.

- Sore back and lower back problems.

- Knee pain.

- Tension tendons of the sexual organs.

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