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Ethics Intuitive extroverted

         Ethics Intuitive extroverted (EIe) understands natural system of behavior of people in society, the causes and consequences of their behavior. He (She) knows what kind of behavior He (She) will be able to expect, He (She) distinguishes the changing the mood of people, the depth of emotions and a variety of experiences. He (She) is always ready to help, to protect the interests and to support the person. EIe behaves directly, actively, frankly and openly expresses his (her) emotions. He (She) sees the world in the dynamics of natural change and therefore be in the heart of the action - it's his (her) lifestyle. In other words, where the EIe, at this place is the center of fast-paced events, the tragedy and comedy of the situation with a mysterious blend of opposite poles. He (She) understands the danger of each pole separately and future developments, so forward thinks about everything in details, provides for options and warns people about the extremes, which they should avoid. In case of danger, He (She) quickly mobilized and creatively trying to slow down or speed up the key points of events to balance the situation. EIe relates philosophically to the flow of life, He (She) knows that the human life verily belongs to Lord and convincingly speaks of eternal life.

         He (She) can adjust the relationship between the people that influence the behavior and mood of people. By his (her) nature, EIe can concentrate his (her) efforts on settlement harmonious and friendly relations among people. He (She) can skillfully and easily affect the mental state of a person, to calm, to persuade and to transform emotions on virtues. In family matters EIe has conservative views, betrayal of person to whom trusts He (She) can not forgive because for him (her) it is a painful issue. He (She) sees the potential emotional state and can explain what to do with the emotions in the future. EIe is able to involve the abilities and talents of people in the team.

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