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Ethics Intuitive introverted

         Ethics Intuitive introverted (EIi) knows that it's nice to live in good conscience, to manifest peacemaking, friendliness, mercy and love of the beautiful. The person of this social type understands and feels thin nature of relations between people in the integrity, in the unity of the spirit, in the opportunity of achieve the fullness of harmony, unconditional love and gentleness. EIi knows the ways of settlement of conflict situations, highly values integrity and honesty in the relationship. The person of this social type forgives even own enemies when clearly knows about of their deep and Heartfelt Repentance. EIi can tactfully gently and kindly to balance the feelings of people in their relationship, and knows how to the potential emotional stress to transform into the soulful comfort. The person of this social type knows about the potential and spiritual needs of each person, without words. EIi is able to create an atmosphere in which gradually manifests the potential of people, their skills and talents. The person of this social type knows, creates and brings to life the age-old spiritual values of the person.

         EIi can easily respond to the emotional state andfeel this state in the depths of own soul. The person of this social type can help a person to keep and increase spiritual forces. EIi hurts the soul from troubles in another person, therefore EIi can warn of the emerging conflict in the relationship of individuals and in groups. The person of this social type not only can talk about that it is necessary to put themselves in the place of other person, that it is have to love its close, but EIi that follows in own lives, because EIi understands the value of every person and it is limited and fleeting lifetime. The person of this social type can live and work regularly and help others appreciate the time to appreciate every breath of life. EIi can follow so as to investment of time been productive and justified for person.

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