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Ethics Sensory extroverted


         Ethics Sensory extroverted (ESe) understands natural system of behavior of people in society. He feels the change in the mood of people, the depth of emotions and different feelings. He is always ready to help to protect the interests of person and cheer up person. ESe behaves directly, actively, frankly and openly expresses his emotions, likes to communicate. He knows how to transform the energy of emotions into harmonic and joyful mood. In other words, where is Ese here is center of success and prosperity. He knows how to practically create a convenient and comfortable environment at home, at work, on vacation, how to create good humor, good looks and a festive atmosphere. In sexual relationships He (She) is first class pilot that knows how to experience a new feeling. ESe creates a festive interior, monitors his appearance, likes personal beautiful things. He knows how to vigorously work as actively relax, cook a tasty meal and pleasuring yourself, your friends, relatives and all who are in his sight.


         He can take into account the relationship between the people who influence the behavior and mood of people. By nature ESe can concentrate his efforts on finding a compromise between people. He can forgive people and teach courtesy, respect and peacefulness. In family matters ESe has conservative point of views. He monitors his physical condition and take cares about good housing for his family and the health status.  A job that paid well and stably attracts his. At his territory ESe behaves as a master, he studies laws and can help people protect their rights and do charity work. He is practical and purposeful during making purchases, monitors compliance with its commodity value. By his own example ESe shows that the use of pressure for abasement of human dignity and the seizure of power contrary to human nature.

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