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Ethics Sensory introverted

         Ethics Sensory introverted (ESi) know how to distinguish moral quality of a particular person, and what behavior this person is currently able to manifest. World Vision of ESi formed through detection of distinction of love, gentleness, candor on one side and hatred, fear and aggression on the other side in the possible manifestations of person soon. He knows where is false and where is sincerity in human behavior, but he does not hastens to say about that. ESi understands the relations between people and realizes the true attitude of the person. He brings nearer to himself friendly people, but from others he tries to make distance and not notice them. Around him, he creates a friendly circle of friends and acquaintances. Interests of his circle of friends and family he can defend and adequately counteract any manifestations of pressure. For ESi is important to have moral superiority, so he knows how to behave with dignity and politeness in different life situations. ESi is conservative in the relationships and cares about the material welfare of his family.

         He can distinguish the true feelings from what this person is trying to show. ESi may help transform the inner emotion of people close to him into a harmonious state of their souls. So he likes of optimistic people who by their conduct may give confidence in yesterday. ESi may create in a circle of his friends and loved ones comfortable working conditions, welfare and recreation. He is able to protect the health of them, care about the well-being and he is always ready to help. ESi by his example shows beautiful appearance, is in good fit, healthy lifestyle and neatness. In sexual relationships he is first pilot who timely takes care of his partner. He can sincerely help people a weak, the sick, poor and disadvantaged. ESi helps them practically, he can feed, shelter, heal and help overcome the crisis.

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