Harmony with God

Harmony with God

         To manifest purely heartfelt love and meekness to ourselves, to the depths of Your soul, to Your God Spark. How to do it and reach a state where Spark of God shines upon the whole world? How to make, that and I in my creativeness, and every person who reads this now, can develop in themselves the ability Creator? The answers to these questions, I invite You to discover, through purposeful actions.


         Are you looking for a miracle and secret charming practices? Every moment of life between past and future is a miracle. Many wonders have already happened and a lot of them will be happen. The secrets are in the inspired actions of each of us in enlightenment of Spark of God each of us. The charming practices are manifested in violence, in the evil one, destructive force. Learn to distinguish and purification between destructive intentions and prefer creative intentions of meekness and unconditional love - that, in my opinion, is the orientation towards enlightenment of Spark of God.


         Spirituality is different. Many spirits are, and many more will be. But only one, single spirit, more than anyone, is nice to my Soul. It here now I tell about invisible. Way of cognition this invisible is way of knowledge of Spark of God and is purposeful action of faith. Holy Spirit more than all is blessed in my Soul, that consubstantial with Spark of God, with God, because I thus can do action of faith. And You so tried to do?


         Regarding psychological direction, I want to determine my opinions. These methods of action based on knowledge, and can increase strength. They can increase the creative intentions of action but also the destructive intentions of actions. The top priority here is not to harm. So I invite you, using these sufficiently effective methods, exercise caution, gentleness, kindness, unconditional love and pure heartiness. Let the God bless You.



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