Halfcomplement Relationship - Hc

         At the relationship of social Halfcomplement (Hc) have an easy and pleasant communication. Partners understand the common strategic goals, they have many interesting topics of conversation and it attracts. When one partner begins to be proactive and reduce the distance then it cause misunderstanding of another partner and a desire to increase the distance. Thus partners tone up each other, do not include at activity and not give the opportunity to relax. Partners are easily intending to start a new activities and it impossible to finish them. Such periodic mood swings and distance in this relationship like a contrast shower when and as though water is flowing and You can not wash yourself.

         According weak sides, the partners waiting for help, but if desired to help the helping by the other partner is not perceived because it is onesided. The partners have the impressions that each cares primarily about themselves. In fact, every does as can and knows how to act, trying to please the other, but do not know how. Each of partner can not receive the necessary care and therefore lose the desire to work together. Partners want to keep their own identity and therefore affairs they do separately, though consult together in the search for compromise. In such relationships always something missing, in winter is not enough summer and in fall lacks a spring.

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