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Holy Octave and Sociomatics

 Holy Octave and Sociomatics

         Sociomatics researches the ways of how a human psyche perceives information. These ways do not change throughout one’s life. These ways may be different, so it is natural to conclude that the relationships between people are as various. The aim of such researches are to help a man in its spiritual development, the opening of the heart center, strengthening physical health, achieving harmony in the family and society and a successful career.


         Since ancient times, people try to understand themselves and the world around them. One of the most essential and difficult issues is the understanding of the relationships. People want to achieve harmony in their relationships. For this, they try to see the causes and consequences of the arising problems. In the process of learning relationships should take into account laws that can not be changed during the life of person.


         The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung  is the founder of analytical psychology. He noticed forms of activity in the human psyche that fundamentally do not change in different circumstances. He referred to them ‘psychological function.’ He distinguished four basic psychological functions:

Chart №1.

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