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Holy Octave


         In music, an Octave is the interval between one musical pitch (lower) and another (higher) with double its Frequency. The Octave has another meaning eight and can be denoted as 8 and symbolizes unlimited value. The Octave also called part audio series, which consists of seven steps - do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti. The Octaves have different names. One-line Octave is in the middle of audio range that people hear. Holy Octave – this is a sound vibration that the human ear cannot hear, and whose frequency coincides with the frequency of electromagnetic vibrations of the human brain in a state of prayer or meditation, i.e. the Alpha Rhythm. When the frequency coincides at the same time arises the phenomenon of resonance, it looks like a combination of sound and light with the same frequency. To deeply know and aware these Vibrations arisen the idea to design and make the appropriate Tuning Fork and then appears the creative platform "Holy Octave".

The names of octaves

alphanumeric characters and the frequency of its first stage Do (C), the third Mi (E) and the fifth Sol (G) would be:




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