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Holy Octave

         The scientists measured the electromagnetic vibrations of the human brain in various states of mind:

            In a state the flow of internal joy is recorded alpha rhythm corresponding to the Holy Octave.

            In a state of active cheerfulness - beta rhythm corresponding to the Sub-contra octave.

            In the state of inspiration is recorded gamma rhythm corresponding to the Contra octave and the Great octave.

         The state of prayer and meditative trance is in the alpha rhythm, hence, the name of the Holy Octave. The frequencies of the Holy Octave the human ear cannot hear but these vibrations can see and feel. The feature to note the Holy Octave is that it can coincide with frequency of Schumann - electromagnetic waves around Earth first tone. In the future we will talk about conditionally frequency of 8 Hz, which feels every cell of the human body. This frequency actively participated in the most important victory of all of us when one of the millions of sperm dad was able to use it to achieve the first ovum of our mother in a state of erotic resonance.

         The resonant frequency of 8 Hz helped create the very first cell of each of us, it helps our cells continue to multiply, and our body rejuvenates and recovers. At this frequency observed in research related information reading RNA from DNA is the creation of new cells. When cells lose their ability to reproduce then resource of the human body quickly exhausted. The person feels the ability of cells to multiply as erotic excitation energy in a state of relaxation and can learn how to use it to achieve the Holiness of Spirit, Soul and Body.

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