Wishing you good health and blessing of the LORD!

Meetings take place at Academy of Holistic Worldview.

The teaching and training is lead by Sénior Instructor, Teacher of the energy massage of internal organs Volodymyr Petsiukh. He was inspired by Master Mantak Chia to teach and train according to the Universal Healing Tao (Dao) system.

Regular training Tai Chi Qigong I for beginners is now possible with video.

         The main training center is in Thailand in the Tao Garden, where Master Mantak Chia lives there. He organized the World Universal Healing Tao Instructors Faculty (WUHTIF), whose branches operate in almost all countries of the world. We study the philosophy of healthy lifestyle and longevity. You also have the opportunity to join us to study and then to receive relevant certificates. The task of each of us to develop the Spark of God, in order to be able to open up to the entire Universe and light up your path of Harmony. With God.

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