Identity Relationship - Id

         Relationship social Identity (Id) allows partners to think and act similar way. Their strengths are equally effective, therefore they strengthen each other. Sometimes it seems like is talking with itself. Information is transferred easily and quickly, the acquired practical skills are copied and practiced. The training process is going the most optimal way. Appear moments of awareness of their own capabilities by example of partner. When the stage of training and the transfer of the necessary information is end, then interest is weakening.

         For weak sides the partners need the same help and help each other it is not easy. It's like two boots on one foot. They the best understands each other, sometimes even without words, because they have a similar worldviews. Identical partners are sparing themselves and each other, when is a need to act on the weaknesses. Over time, relationships become dismissive cool, with periodic outbursts of chaotic activity when there is a need the exhausting action at the weaknesses. They understand all this and can do nothing, because each one does not have enough strength.

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