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Intuition Ethical extroverted

         Intuition Ethical extroverted (IEe) sees at once the whole potential of the individual in society, for manifestations of which diplomatically generates new of friendly relations between people on the base of continuous flow of his own ideas. The person of this social type interests realization of potential achievements of the individual in life soon. For this IEe is exploring options for possible relationships between people, their acceptability or unacceptability in society, from childhood gaining knowledge and experience in this field. The person of this social type appreciates communication with new interesting people, easily grasps, filters and assimilates information. When IEe thinking about the prospects for the person IEe can use all possible variants diplomacy, sees the advance possible scenarios. When the person of this social type finds a way out of the impasse, then the soul becomes easier and the most important thing at this moment IEe sees the meaning of life. The person of this social type creates new ways of resolving conflicts. IEe is diplomat and an optimist by nature and that frankly appreciates above all the human. Although the person of this social type by nature is conservative, but IEe always interesting essentially something potentially new and promising, ethical, harmonious, perfect and at whole.

         IEe thinks abstractly and can quickly find a way out of a critical situation, manifesting care for the morale of the people. The person of this social type takes responsibility, manifests organizational skills, easily oriented in time and predicts possible changes in the organizational process. IEe appreciates the freedom of choice of the person, therefore supposes several variants of possible events in order to everyone will had the freedom of choice in the future. In the team easily and sometimes imperceptibly the person of this social type creates a friendly emotional background. When communicating with another person IEe shows spontaneity and emotionality, independently regulating the necessary distance. The person of this social type always active, and shows to others by own example kindness, friendliness, initiative and inspiration. If there is a mood, then IEe solves many current issues.

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