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Intuition Ethical introverted

         Intuition Ethical introverted (IEi) knows how to survive in a difficult situation, as quickly distinguish false from sincere and open displays of man. He knows how to avoid dangerous situations promptly and easily provide change for the better. Therefore IEi gladly awaits these future changes and skillfully plans time. He carefully watches the events that occur around him and sees around poetry, melody and harmony of the life painting. IEi believes in good future, inspires optimism and hope, with love relates to all. He knows how to calm the person and set it state of mind on the feeling of love, joy, beauty and harmony. IEi from childhood brings a aesthetic taste, a sense of harmony love and gentleness in every aspect of the natural environment and the peace of mind of person. It is a creative approach to human emotions and he can easily transform the energy of negative emotions into energy of optimism, cheerfulness, confidence, courage and peacefulness. IEi finely versed in the various emotions and destructive state of mind, he knows how to deal with them for the benefit of person. He subtly responds to positive mood, tells a jokes, does various tricks to shake people close to him to create a good mood.

         IEi can explain a person who asked to him for advice, its potential and how it can be implemented. He can test his strength in various activities to identify his abilities. He respects the right and the freedom of choice of each person can establish peace microclimate small team by his example. IEi can make compromises for the sake of peace and harmony, to show his friendly attitude to human and round sharp corners in the relationship. He can create new informal friendships and business relationships. Relationships corrects easily and naturally, almost imperceptibly. When it ask him for moral support, he can listen, calm person and show the way to achieve spiritual harmony use life and a fabulous examples to align a person's mood and inspire optimism.

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