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Intuition Logical extroverted

         Intuition Logical extroverted (ILe) sees at once the whole potential of objects and natural phenomena creates and continuously improves its own creative system of world outlook to explain that. This person interested in the implementation of the seeing potential opportunities globally in the long term, that is for the good of all people. To create a world outlook system of are required knowledge and ILe easily grasps and begins to absorb them more from its youth, then to be able to improve them and use them throughout life. A person this social type easily acquires knowledge about how to create a system of law in a democratic society. Its own vision of parts of the integral structure of objective world ILe can present in the form of inventions and discoveries in different fields of science and technology. At its laurels Ile can not stop, because this person always interested in something essentially new, perspective, efficient, economic, perfect and from a new angle.

         ILe thinks abstractly and can quickly find the optimal solution in a critical situation. This social type of person has freedom in own plans of actions, ILe plans and forecasts them so that they will be able to create new plans at any time in accordance with the new situation. ILe can solve all business issues independently and at the same time help other people, teache them to get self-business skills. It takes responsibility, shows organizational skills, helps others first and then requires perform tasks. ILe takes an active part in the implementation of promising ideas into practice, bringing them to a logical conclusion, showing own persistence and tireless. Monotonous and laborious tasks and discipline this person tries to avoid, but if It can not avoid then ILe looks for a way out and can turn everything into a game.

         By its nature, ILe cheerful and friendly optimist. But when anyone tries to break the lifestyle of this social type, the ILe's territory by means of pressure or intimidation, it produces the opposite effect. The person of this social type can respond quickly and very active, showing courage and determination. ILe manifests the necessary care for the material welfare, housing and care of their family. The person of this social type like to communicate with new and interesting people this way ILe gets a lot of necessary information. Among the large circle of acquaintances, it's not easy to person of this social type to understand the relationship between people, and therefore focuses on the manifestations of democracy and kindness. ILe thanks everyone for help in adjustment harmony and friendly relationships.

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