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Intuition Logical introverted

         Intuition Logical introverted (ILi) knows the causes of events and to what it may lead. He studies a periodic conformity to natural laws of past events. He knows when this will be repeated in the future and informs others. So he a little bit acts ahead of the curve. ILi knows where will be dangerous, so does everything attentively, calmly and carefully, it's his lifestyle. He can do everything in time and may wait, because he knows when, without his intervention, this so will become without his help. ILi directs his plans for the long term. His actions considered to detail and manifests creativeness in a safe and the most effective execution. ILi acquires knowledge in practice about the work equipment, instruments, their use, maintenance, repair and becomes a professional. He knows how to effectively organize to him known process from the beginning to the end. ILi accompanies this process and knows how to control a few process at once. He thriftily refers to material resources, knows how to effectively beneficial and safely to invest money. ILi thoroughly examines the state of affairs in the area that interesting him, uses his knowledge for the benefit of his favorite occupation.

         He may have a critical attitude to all initiatives and new ideas. ILi can explain a person  it potential, to what results the implementation of these capabilities will lead and how to avoid it. He can try his hand at various activities to identify of his abilities and gains of experience. In studies ILi can show consistency, diligence and do science. For practical achievement of goals he needs different skills, learns the instructions and laws, then he can calmly conduct a comprehensive analysis of the situation. ILi can reasonably explain expediency of each step of any of his actions in an accessible and understandable form. He likes the executive and technological discipline, law and order. ILi does not like to borrow something, so he tries to be independent and to have all his own. He can filter and classify the information, make records and database, engage in collecting. In the sphere of activity that interests him, ILi might gladly learn all the news and be aware of all the events of past and future.

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