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In search of harmony

         Two times repeat such breath. Red light from the crown into the heart and then down through the spine to the kidneys. Next, blue light from the Bubbling Springs into the kidneys and further up through the spine to the heart.

         After that relax and do not think about the breath. Just move the smiling mind from the heart to the kidneys, back and forth and vice-versa many times. The balancing will automatically occur. Smile to the lotus perfection and beauty. Send a grateful smile to your heart, spine and kidneys. Lotus Energy Meditation is very calming.

         And certainly the more you will use it, the easier you will realize this inner calm. And, finally, how for this relate and best use said Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko:

Do not cheat yourself,
Learn, read on.
And learn something else,
And don't refuse of your own.



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