Kindred Relationship - Ki

         The relationship of social Kindred (Ki) is light and good when the appropriate distance, with a positive setting of partners, with coinciding values and strategic goals. In team the partners have a lot to learn each from other, especially when everyone is ready to compromise and to agree in order to find balance and harmony. One and the same case is considered partners from different angles of view and therefore it requires patience and understanding of the value of these relationships. When one partner in the team is subordinate to other, then this fact will not facilitate the finding a balance and harmony. Partners on an equal basis easily help each other in a common effort by implementing a variety of creative approaches for the solving of problems.

         Weak sides of the partners are kindred and therefore at close range it is not easy to keep a balance and harmony. In such relationships, it is important to allow each other save quality, the dignity and independence, not to violate personal territory, to manifest kindness, generosity and ability to forgive. For weak sides they want a similar care and to help each other it is not easy. They take pity on each other when there is a need to act at weaknesses. It's they all understand and can not change anything, because during such actions each partner quickly depletes.

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