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Logician Intuitive extroverted

         Logician Intuitive extroverted (Lie) knows how affairs are done, and knows how to find an effective way of performance. He can quickly plan new deeds breaking them into successive stages, the implementation of which will bring tangible benefits. LIe knows the capabilities of current production, well versed in the possibilities of technology and is able to quickly switch to a new more successful business. He knows how to concentrate in his hands levers of control of material resources, cash flows and different methods encouraging of employees. LIe has congenital outlook of entrepreneur, he is easily moved with enthusiasm to new places for business success. LIe in thoughts constantly calculates the possible events, based on his experience. He predicts possible dangerous and unfavorable types of events, and does everything possible to avoid these variants. LIe relies on new technologies and working methods, he knows the value of time, so acts quickly and ahead of the curve.

         He can gather information from all sides for greater clarity and completeness logic of actions. LIe can organize technological process, follow the regime of the day, give others the freedom of action, and support the initiative, control discipline, compliance of plans and timely execution stages of work. He can study the laws of society and the laws of nature, technology and production technology to be ready to explain the logic of those or other actions. LIe can test his capabilities in a variety of activities and to choose exactly what is necessary it to him. By example, he is ready to show people their practical possibilities and to inspire optimism. LIe with enthusiasm can go on unbeaten track, he likes the role of the inventor and experimenter.

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