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Logician Intuitive introverted

         Logician Intuitive introverted (LIi) has a rational outlook, sees information sequentially, arranging it in the structure of knowledge. He knows how to find causal relationships, easily compares objects, understands subordination between people and has well-developed a sense of justice. LIi knows the logic of the existing systems in nature and society thinks abstractly and separates the important from the secondary. He likes compressed information that shows the essence of thoughts and events. LIi easy goes by the current system and knows how to use an abstract model of the system in practice. He investigates and classifies facts by detects signs, on this basis, and it may arise ideas of possible objective laws of the universe, which can be practically implemented. LIi at his system of outlook freely oriented and retraces the implicit chain links. He realizes human potential and can reasonably explain. LIi knows the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system of world outlook, different models, axioms, hypotheses, theories, laws, rules of game, constructions, structures, systems and devices.

         It is important for him to have a scheme of operation, and then he can plan process in stages, think about all the details and bring his actions to automatism. In process of his work LIi loves that somebody not diverts him. He respects professionals, and can understand the technology, master the tools, instruments and equipment. LIi during work can track the slightest details that attract his attention. When details do not attract his attention, then he tries to work quickly. LIi can in some time return to the done work for improve the quality. He understands the value of time of the person, so he can be punctual and precise. LIi can anticipate and prevent unwanted moments in the lives of his loved ones and friends. He can look in order to spend time will been productive and justified, to help plan the work and rest, to make a daily schedule.

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