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Logician Sensory extroverted

         Logician Sensory extroverted (LSe) knows own affair as a professional, motivated, competent and able to successively improve the method of action. LSe thoroughly studying science, engineering and technology in the field of its competence to achieve practical efficiency and verified actions. Therefore, in this area person of this social type knows how to streamline workflow and reliable operation of equipment with maximum efficiency. Lifestyle of LSe subordinates the expediency of actions in the areas of own competence. The person of this social type knows how to create a convenient and comfortable environment at home and at work. In sexual relationships LSe is the first pilot of the upper class and knows how to experience new pleasurable sensations. LSe provides convenient and nice interior, monitors the appearance. The person of this social type likes that the surrounding circle looked beautiful and everything was expedient and practical. LSe is good professional and also physically can relax, cook a tasty meal and give pleasure to themselves, their friends and relatives.

         The person of this social type can manage the technology process, maintain order, daily routine, giving others the freedom of actions, supervise the frugality, chariness of resources and quality the results. LSe can constantly analyze the quality of things and connection between objects and phenomena. The person of this social type can gather information from all sides for greater clarity and completed logic of actions. LSe can explain each step of own actions openly and show it by own example. The person of this social type takes care of own physical condition and good appearance, takes care of good housing for own family and health. LSe likes job that paid accordingly and stably. At its territory LSe behaves like a good manager and does not tolerate potboiler and sloppiness and talks about it directly. The person of this social type studies laws and can help people to protect their rights, can engage in charity activities. By own example LSe shows that the use of pressure for humiliation of human dignity and the seizure of power contradicts human nature.

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