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Logician Sensory introverted

         Logician Sensory introverted (LSi) has a rational outlook, receives information consistently and pragmatically arranging it in the structure of knowledge. Since childhood he easily compares objects and understands subordination between people. LSi knows logic the current system in nature and society, the hierarchy of who's in charge and where there is the easing, as can depart and where there is a way out. LSi like when everything is at place that because he controls the establishing order. He understands the laws of society, ensures the observance of the rights and responsibilities of people and controls the results of job. LSi on its territory freely oriented and keeps order. He remembers the location of objects and the look of people. LSi sets itself realistic goals and consistently step by step to them goes. For the functioning of the system and the establishment of order he creates management methods based on pressure and the easing. LSi takes care about housing, material security and physical health of his family.

         For him important to have a scheme of practice, and then he can divide progress of work in stages, while the consistent implementation of which can bring expected benefits. He respects the professionals, may understand the technology, to master the tools scrupulously and gently hand work. LSi can coordinate a small team to control quality and production value, exhibit chariness and frugality and care about comfortable working conditions. At home he likes practical and beautiful things, layout and interior design. LSi cares about his good looks, comfort and health of people close to him. In sexual relationships he is first pilot who timely takes care of his partner. LSi like simple and healthy food, which he gladly can cook.

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