Chinese medicine emphasizes the necessity to bring into a state of Balance various body systems when recovered Balance and Harmony, strengthens the body, Soul and Spirit. The Chi Nei Tsang Massage is a Holistic approach of the ancient Taoist tradition in which affect directly on the area of the body that causes many health problems. Practitioners Massage the abdomen gently open and release the body from the blockages in the abdominal cavity, resulting in increased Blood Circulation by ensuring that Energy moves more freely to the vital organs of the body. The best way how to get more information about Chi Nei Tsang Massage is to get it by the training at the Massage Courses .


          The practicing Chi Nei Tsang not only uses massage techniques - He (She) can generate and send life force Energy Chi to others people. Still, the main task of those engaged in Chi Nei Tsang, is not to engage in healing, and to teach others. One must always remember that the most valuable for personal healing Energy is emanating from this person. The main idea and purpose of Chi Nei Tsang - to teach people how to heal themselves the most, giving them access to their own immense inner healing power.


         Chi Nei Tsang I - is the basic internal organs Chi Massage.


         Chi Nei Tsang II - the internal organs Chi Massage -  chasing the winds (unhealthy energy).


         Chi Nei Tsang III - tendons Chi Massage - Energy lines knocking (Healing Harmony).


         Karsai Nei Tsang - therapeutic Tao Massage of the pelvic organs to unlock venous flow and remove energy blocks.

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