Mirage Relationship - Mi

         Relationship of social Mirage (Mi) character is pleasant and relaxing, sometimes very good and warm. It can be nice to relax and talk about something inessential. Attempts to be active partners with readily perceived as frivolous and undesirable, so the dialog may look like fun. The intention to find out the relationship also seriously not perceived and partners start silently, each of them separately do their work. Over time, they may meet again, happy to share the results achieved and together get enjoy by pleasant relaxation.

         According weak sides, the partners might partly care one after the other, but it causes internal tension, which is easily overcome by the serene relaxation. If you want to work, then lie down, sleep, and everything goes. Here the partners are not doing anything wrong, but they also do not do any good. Achievement a common goal in this relationship raises serious obstacles. The idea of ​​shared goals each partner perceived foggy and unclear. They can not rely on each other in resolving daily life issues. Everyone has to rely on itself separatly.

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