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Miracle - massage

Miracle - massage

         Teacher Mantak Chia somehow during massage class said about his dream that every adult on the planet knows how to do this massage. This massage I can not even compare with other kinds of massage, so it's special. It even recommended to separate from other types of massage. Because of tactfulness, energy efficiency, and deep physical action, it is desirable to carry out this massage in specialized medical centers.


         Every organ in our body and even each cell tries to give the best energy and the best nutrients to the cells associated with the procreating - germ cells. And what that could mean blocking energy flow and ways of delivery of nutrients into the germ cells? It has not the program of the procreating. Who needs a family without the program continuing? But we hear with our ears genocide, genocide ... hear somewhere out there. This is such a thought arises - that somewhere out there. At each in its own mind such a thought may arise and it is already around here. And it is around here regards for the own testicles in men and ovaries in women. On women's issues, we quite often, to hear. About men - often conversely. Men in such cases begin to talk about their exploits, which actually have not. It seems as if in them other topics of conversation does not exist.


         Massage is called Karsai Nei Tsang - Genital Therapeutic Cleansing Massage. Word Karsai can be explained as unblocking venous blood flow. On the walls of blood vessels, with time, formed layers and then the lumen (internal diameter) vessels decreases. To restore the vascular lumen uses the flushing technique that masseur uses in its training to the profesional practice internal organs energy massage  Chi Nei Tsang I. Chi - here means life force energy. Words Ney - means internal and Tsang - intestine, internal organ. The preparing of students (patient) for a session of healing is by the basic Taoist Inner Alchemy that teach ravage the head, especially from the negative internal dialogue. I call it preparing information field. To prepare energy field can use Cosmic Chi Kung - Healing Cosmic Light. The word Kung means the learning and regular training the improvement of energies over long periods. But this Kung has not called a massage yet. Cosmic Chi Kung can be done with a group or individually, it depends on the awareness of what is happening.

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