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Regular training the Tai Chi Qigong I for Beginners (have a video).

Frequently Asked Question, why do these practices and what they give?
In short, for a feeling of joy and happiness. To balance the body's energy Yin and Yang (this is Tai Chi symbol), to create the energy structure of the body, rooting, protecting organs, bones, joints and strengthening of tendons. It's a secret way to achieve health and longevity, which is transmitted from mouth to mouth and is the foundation of martial arts. The purpose is spiritual health, harmony of body, soul and spirit, preventing traumas, and then - an increase of energy capacity, power and endurance.

Training program is the same on March 20, 22 and 24 at 9:00:

       Program of Tao Yin

I. Foundations: conscious breathing, energy balancing, spine and psoas muscle conditioning - 1 hour.

1.1. Full body breathing.
1.2. Monkey claps knees.
1.3. Monkey pushes against knees.
1.4. Monkey 'prays' with elbows.
1.5. Monkey claps knees on both sides.
1.6. Twist body like a snake.
1.7. Monkey flaps legs.
1.8. Yin Meditation.
1.9. Six Healing Sounds.

       Program of Tendons Nei Kung

I. Preparatory exercises - 1 hour.

1.1. Microcosmic Orbit Meditation.
1.2. Warm up Exercises.
1.3. Building the Structure.
1.4. Coordinating the pulses, breath and movements.
1.5. The importance the Eyes and Tongue.
1.6. Closing Movements.

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