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Creative Platform Holy Octave

Code:  AH12
Price:  €  1800
         General description of the creative platform Holy Octave is possible to look at Products page. To learn how service it, adjust and use, can be from author of this invention, which is a Sénior Instructor WUHTIF, the teacher of the secret practices Bone Marrow Nei Kung and has the scientific degree PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in Technique). The secrets of these practices are passed from mouth to mouth. This is related to the use of sexual energy, so the training is for women separately, as well as separately for men.



         Creative platform Holy Octave has enough rigid wooden base, a set of springs, four blocks of springs, four floor scales, attachment for the tuning fork, the table for the adjust frequency 8 Hz and also some additional details for ease of use.

         1. Wooden base has dimensions 100x50x8 cm. It is possible to install other existing enough rigid platform (table or bed) on the Spring blocks.
         2. Set of springs consists of 11 springs types, a total of 84 pcs., which are placed in two cases, 42 in each. Springs are designed to a total weight from 40 to 800 kg.
         3. Spring block size is 24x24x8 cm and the calculated weight is from 10 to 200 kg. Number of spring blocks - four.
         4. Standard floor scales can be bought separately. The requirement for these scales is the same measurement of weight at weighing. Number of floor scales - four.
         5. Fastening for the Tuning Fork is designed for attachment circle or pipe diameters from 28 to 35mm.

         The total weight of the creative platform Holy Octave in the above configuration - 36 kg.

         Creative platform Holy Octave is designed for use in a dry place. For each weight and location of people (person) should be adjust the platform setting. Adjusting the frequency 8 Hz is designed and for convenience is presented in Table.
         This knowledge is really a lot, so there is the opportunity to receive individual counseling and pass workshops, regular training, tuition courses from the author of this invention  and in the future to become a co-creator of the future development of practical new ideas.

Creative Platform Holy Octave
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