Opposite Relationship - Op

         Relationship of the Social Opposite (Op) or full duality, is good at optimal distance. The strengths sides of partners are own weakness sides, and therefore the communication information transfer is quite valuable. Everyone can be realized on its strengths, without violating the distance in the relationship. For a proper understanding of the optimal distance and perceived information takes time. So that tells partner can be understood for three days. When everything is clear, then they can act, and partners will be delighted each other. But when the optimal distance is not maintained, then they chat like a blind with a deaf-mute, with a characteristic tinge of internal tension and a barely noticeable trifling criticism.

         According weak sides, so each partner waits support. Just the partners for some time can not understand what to do. They can not understand how to correctly help each other. If one partner has desire to help then when distance violated and not takes time, when three days does not pass, then the aid is not perceived because such help is incorrect. This is the case when you want to do as the best, but coming out as always. In some cases, in extreme situations, partners can work together harmoniously, this interaction requires proven skills to automatic behavior, generosity, self-mastery and the ability to forgive. After this work and the increase distance, both of them feel very facilitate. There is a desire to act independently, but with friendly attitude again from time to time may occur desire to listen the partner’s opinion.

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