Parallel Relationship - Pa

         Relationship of social Parallel (Pa) is not bad, the partners have similar strengths. When they talk face to face, they find common themes with an unstable attention to each other. When the horizon appears some third person, they diverge as ships at sea, attracting the attention of the third. Every one front of this third, begins to show up its advantages. In the team each partner could engage in various games to attract the even more attention to own person. When there is no one beside, all dispersed, then partners start again approach each other. They easy and pleasant talk about high ideals when they are relaxed philosophize, and they do not need anything more.

         For weak sides they require similar care and to help each other it is not easy. They supposedly are on a desert island and waiting ship, which is turn up on the horizon, and be protect of their weaknesses. Partners spare themselves and each other, when there is a need to act on weaknesses, then can flare up the periodic chaotic exhausting activity. However, it is not easy to do something because they unwittingly may interfere with each other and do quench activity. Over time, they begin to understand the hopelessness of the situation and each continues to wait for the ship of own dreams.

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