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         Welcome to the page which shows the products of our own manufacture for the practices to restore bone marrow Nei Kung and activation the creation of stem cells of the body. The idea is that Harmony of vibration and special or unique course self-Massage intensifies the process Rejuvenation and restore the body. Developed three tuning forks, sound vibration of which the human ear cannot hear, and whose frequency coincides with the frequency of electromagnetic vibrations of the human brain in a state of prayer or meditation, i.e. Alpha Rhythm. When the frequency of two waves is the same then occurs the phenomenon of resonance, i.e. increasing amplitude of vibrations - it looks like a combination of sound and light with the same frequency. To deeply understand and realize these vibrations, it had been the idea to design and make the appropriate tuning fork, and then appears the idea to design a creative platform "Holy Octave". We offer you such a model the Holy Octave :

         1. The first tuning fork has a frequency about 8 Hz. This frequency activates the bone marrow, sperm, ova and stimulates the production of stem cell renewal of blood and increase sexual energy Ching Chi.

         2. The second tuning fork has a frequency about 10 Hz. This frequency activates fascia, tendons, ligaments and stimulates increase life force energy Chi. The frequencies of 8 Hz and 10 Hz form a large thirds of Holy Octave. The energy Chi produces from energy Ching Chi by distillation, so we recommend initially using the first and then second tuning fork for greater efficiency.

         3. Third tuning fork has a frequency about 12 Hz. This frequency creates a sense of completeness, integrity, harmony and stimulates increasing spiritual energy Shen. The frequencies of 8 Hz, 10 Hz and 12 Hz form a C major chord of Holy Octave. Shen Energy produced from Chi energy by distillation, and we recommend creatively use of three tuning forks for even greater efficiency.

         In the human body erotically excited state creates a new chemistry and new vibration (new physics). Measuring vibrations of the human brain in this state show the frequency of 8 Hz.

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