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         "As in the Macrocosm so as in the Microcosm," hence when we are engaged in love, all the cells and DNA also actually "making love." DNA intertwine together like two serpents, forming a intertwining in erotic embrace. They make love and give birth to new cells, because at these vibrations RNA reads the DNA. The cells that do not “reproduced” will eventually die.

         8 Hz frequency vibration is strong electromagnetic wave of Earth. Healers have in the process of healing have the vibration similar frequency electromagnetic waves of their brain. When are the vibrations of the same frequency but different nature of waves, occur the phenomenon of resonance, or increasing the amplitude of sound and electromagnetic vibrations simultaneously. At a frequency of 8 Hz can be seen in the transformation of material into immaterial and release Ching Chi energy. Sperm and ovum in the erotic exciting also are in resonance with a frequency of 8 Hz. The Tuning Fork Art Hitter and creative platform Holy Octave will help You adjust Your body as a musical instrument to sound vibrations in order to more subtly distinguish harmony rejuvenation and recovery. The peculiarity of the made creative platform Holy Octave is that this one must adjust for each weight and locations of people (person) on this platform.

         Creative platform Holy Octave allows you to experience sound vibrations frequency of 8 Hz from the center of the body to adjust your body to these vibrations. The human ear vibrations this frequency of the sound does not hear, but they can feel like the inside of body laughter and joy. This is the case when the drum sounds but no hits. Unlike creative platform Holy Octave - the Tuning Fork Art Hitter first hit, and then arising vibrations. So, the Tuning Fork Art Hitter 8 Hz is very good an instrument for the rejuvenating each cell of the body because the frequency 8 Hz is the base of life on Earth.

           8 Hz - the longest Tuning Fork Art Hitter, this is note Do (C) of Holy Octave;

         10 Hz - middle one, this is note Mi (E);

         12 Hz - the shortest one, this is note So (G).

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