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- Program of Tao Yin

   Tao Yoga - Exercise for Revitalization, Health and achievement Longevity:

I. Foundations: conscious breathing, energy balancing, spine and psoas muscle conditioning - 2 hours.


1.1. Full body breathing.

1.2. River flows into the valley.

1.3. Water up and fire down.

1.4. Lotus Meditation.

1.5. Monkey rests with knees in air.

1.6. Crocodile lifts head.

1.7. Monkey claps knees.

1.8. Monkey pushes against knees.

1.9. Monkey 'prays' with elbows.

1.10. Monkey claps knees on both sides.

1.11. Twist body like a snake.

1.12. Monkey flaps legs.

1.13. Yin Meditation.

1.14. Six Healing Sounds.


II. Ring muscle power and lymph laughing - 2 hours.


2.1. Full body breathing.

2.2. Stretch the bow. I (balanced) and II (completed).

2.3. Mountain rises from sea.

2.4. Cricket rests on flower.

2.5. Snake turns at wing point.

2.6. Baby playing and laughing.

2.7. Swallow opens its feathers.

2.8. Monkey hugs knees automatic movement of ring muscles.

2.9. Yin Meditation.

2.10. Six Healing Sounds.

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