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- Program of Tao Yin


III. Spirit of the love cobra - coordination the power of the intention Yi - 2 hours.


3.1. Full body breathing.

3.2. Dolphin lifts tail.

3.3. Flying in dreams.

3.4. Cobra's ritual of Love І, ІІ & III.

3.5. Peacock looks at Its tail.

3.6. Monkey rotates spine to leg out.

3.7. Monkey rotates spine to leg in.

3.8. Yin Meditation.

3.9. Six Healing Sounds.


IV. Removing of blocking Chi in the abdomen, increase oxygen in the blood, second brain and the breathing of empty force - 2 hours.


4.1. Full body breathing.

4.2. Monkey caresses bally and arms.

4.3. Monkey cleans soles to crown, and back.

4.4. Monkey links Bubbling springs to kidneys.

4.5. Rowing a boat.

4.6. Monkey arched back like cobra І, ІІ & III.

4.7. Empty force breath.

4.8. Tiger resting in shade.

4.9. Monkey squatting.

4.10. Snake pears over bush.

4.11. Giant turtle entering cave.

4.12. Turtle emerging from the sea.

4.13. Yin Meditation.

4.14. Six Healing Sounds.

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