Quasiidentity Relationship - Qi

         Relationship of social Quasiidentity (Qi) character is pleasant enough, the partners have similar strengths. When they have something to talk about, then when they communicate easily absorb information, which is then digested long time. Awareness of recieved information can be over three days, maybe more. With the cooperation is the underestimating and misunderstanding of partner. It is not easy the finding a compromise because everyone sees different way out of the situation, acting on his own and achieves similar results to other unusual way. Transfer knowledge and skills to each other it is not easy and ineffective, because the assimilation of new material takes a lot of time and effort into understanding. When partners do not have common interests, then they can easily say goodbye.

         Weak sides of the partners in the Quasiidentity relationship equally are not protected and need care in a similar way. They may see it a futile expenditure of time, because is the expectations, but no care. Not easy consider the interests of each other, it requires an understanding of what they think and act in different ways. Each partner is forced to care for their weaknesses on their own, with time and can not understand why not comes awaited assistance.

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