Reflections Relationship - Re

         Relationship social Reflections (Re) characterized by the fact, that the words of one partner are easily displayed in the behavior of other partner. They are implemented in the life of other partner based on other values. This causes misunderstanding and the desire to improve the situation, to refine and to correct the actions of the partner. Deed is that the partners have different methods to achieve the goals, and with this is necessary to be tolerated. In this relationship is characteristic the friendly constructive criticism, which can be used after some time, when will be clearly understood all the details.

         According weak sides of the partners, they need a similar care and really help each other it is not easy. Partners can avoid action when there is a need to do something at weaknesses. Over time, relationships become superficial, when repeated the pending help, but nothing happens. They assert it as a fact, could easily initiative to give and support the partner morally. When one partner does something at the weak side, then such self-sacrifice are causing the other partner sincere sympathy, amazement and puzzlement.

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