The Training class and massage session

should be performed not earlier than an hour after eating. Practice Qigong (Chi Kung) is not Recommended late in the evening because thanks to them can be too much excitation of nervous system. Before sleep is usually carried Tao Yoga and Meditation Six Healing Sounds, it is soothing. Toward workshops and training is recommended to prepare not only a teacher as well as his students, there is Literature . To prepare for the massage is recommended to clean the colon. Need to clean not only the body, but first of all a Soul and learn to work with the transformation of the emotions. Every morning, at least once, smile to yourself. Every morning, usually performed Meditation Inner Smile, and then try to keep smile toward the evening. You can eat a healthy diet. If possible, as enough strength, avoid eating pork fat, meat and dairy products, at least the period of massage.


In the morning

on an empty stomach, then about half an hour after massage or after training is Recommended to drink warm clean water. It cleanses the lymph and blood of toxins.

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