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TIM's Relations

16 Social types (TIM) or 8 Complementing Couples.

Note that the sociotype (Social type) does not change throughout of human life and is independent of personal gender, so sociotype description is the same for both woman and man.

ILe – Intuition Logical extroverted     and     SEi – Sensation Ethical introverted,

 ESe – Ethics Sensory extroverted     and     LIi  – Logician Intuitive introverted,

EIe – Ethics Intuitive extroverted     and     LSi – Logician Sensory introverted,

SLe – Sensation Logical extroverted     and     IEi  – Intuition Ethical introverted,

LIe – Logician Intuitive extroverted     and     ESi  – Ethics Sensory introverted,

SEe – Sensation Ethical extroverted     and     ILi – Intuition Logical introverted,

IEe – Intuition Ethical extroverted     and      SLi – Sensation Logical introverted,

LSe – Logician Sensory extroverted     and     EIi – Ethics Intuitive introverted.


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