Social audit Relationship - Sa

         Relationship of Social audit (Sa) is unequal for the parties, this is situation the auditor controls over the activities of a record-keeper. The auditor may not even suspect what is really happening. The auditor has the authority; its evaluation of accounting matters has significance. But auditor underestimates real achievements record-keeper, and all the small nonessential deficiencies exaggerate and trying insulted the record-keeper, educates and teaches. Clerk this attitude does not want to accept, and so the auditor is forced to strengthen control. Auditor cares about the record-keeper, believes that clerk can be lost without it, and manifests care. In such relationship, the auditor represents not their personal interests but the interests of a group of people to which it belongs (Quadra). It controls the execution of orders, which does it a complementary partner (Complementing Couple ).

         Weak sides of the auditor in this relationship are protected, good understanding between the partners is sided. With decreasing distance auditor may lose authority, and this is hard to even imagine. With the loss of authority the auditor feels very unpleasant nervousness and irritability by the carelessness of partner. To save the authority, the auditor has need withstand the optimum distance, manifest generosity and magnanimity, take notice to the smallest achievement of the record-keeper. The auditor need to learn be silent about the shortcomings, to forgive, to think about the good and talk only about the good, but do not to exaggerate. These relationships contribute to social progress in solving of a disposable task, in this case partners can admire by these unique relationships.

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