Social contract Relationship - Sc

         The relationship of Social contract (Sc) is unequal to the parties, because the customer is always right, and the contractor likes to work. By using this relationship the contractor effectively receives information from the customer. The contractor looks at the customer as on a leader, always ready to show most all that it can. The contractor is trying to provide that the order was executed efficiently and timely. In such relationship, the contractor performing task is not personally for the customer, but as well for a group of people whose interests represents the customer (Quadra). Performance of the order is not controlled by the client personally but complementary partner (Complementing Couple ).

         The contractor can’t easy to explain something the customer, because there is no feedback. In such relationships, the customer manifests the initiative often without understanding the personal needs of the contractor, and the contractor unless not knows exactly what to do, then feels guilty. Weak sides of the contractor not protected, because at all he does not have a time and rapprochement of distance causes overstrain. Highly qualify of contractor and ability to cooperate with the customer facilitates the mutual understanding in of these relationships. Customer takes cares does not personally about the contractor but about the interests of their group of people (Quadra). Partners feel the need of such a relationship, and continue to cooperate for the benefit of society. When a contractor starts to ignore the authority of the customer, then relations have exhausted themselves.

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