Superego Relationship - Se

         The relationship of social Superego (Se) encourages of the partners to help each other, and this mutual aid grants easily and quickly. In long-term cooperation in these relationship, at the optimum distance manifests respect, uses different and effective ways to achieve goals. Partners have different strengths, so they have interest to do the common cause, especially when they can coordinate the tactic points and keep the distance in the relationship. When there is no specific goal, then there is no motivation to continue the relationship, and there arises a pause. Attempting to fill a pause turns into a monologue.

         Partners have different weak sides and expect help and such assistance is provided quickly on a social level. When approaching distance then arising internal stress, talk about aid is no longer possible, and only to escape who can. In each one begins to emerge the impression that the partner does all for the evil, although an internal expectations for help and for mercy of the partner remain. In words they understand much, but actually goes zilch, that means empty sound. When the distance increases, then partners take a rest, decrease the internal tension and relationships can be restored.

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