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Sensation Ethical extroverted

         Sensation Ethical extroverted (SEe) knows willed and power potential people around him. He knows who is stronger and who is weaker, whom is better do not touch and who can not withstand pressure. SEe is able to achieve what he wants by pressing the weaknesses of person. He knows how to avoid the pressure, to posses the situation and to be in the spotlight by manifesting courage. This allows him to be financially secure and to has power, at least on one person. He knows the value of power and money, knows how to manage people, knows how to practically use the material and moral encouragement. SEe pays attention to all the details of the environment and the state of mind of the person. He knows how to create relations between people to achieve his goals. SEe creates a collective system of relations based on democracy, optimism, freedom and friendship. He knows how to balance and reconcile even opposing interests of people to compromise or conduct trade. SEe openly communicates with people he knows how to win over the people and if his interests so require, he knows how to reconcile himself with his enemies. SEe can tell a person fact that this person wants to hear. He feels confident in a big company, easily establishes acquaintance and wants to know everything.

         SEe can help a person create a beautiful look. He can create to his close comfortable and convenient living conditions. SEe takes care of his health, quality of food, amenities, cleanliness and hygiene. In sexual relationships he is first pilot of the top class, which can all understand and easy to explain. SEe shows the conservative view about the family. Outdoors he can be cautious. In the collective, he can easily create friendly and joyful background, slightly elevated mood without any emotion. When communicating with a person in an informal atmosphere, he exhibits sincerity and moderate emotionality, independently regulating the necessary distance. He always ready to be active and to show to others his own example kindness, friendliness, cheerfulness, optimism, initiative and a festive atmosphere. If he has the appropriate mood then he solves many current issues.

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