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Sensation Ethical introverted


         Sensation Ethical introverted (SEi) distinguishes own physical and emotional moments very subtle and expressive, knows how to enjoy every breath, every movement and feels the harmony. Here person of this social type nothing comes up with, but just knows how It can actually feel the outside world in its multiplicity of harmony and beauty. And this is normal state of everyday life for SEi. Because SEi knows about the needs of own body and soul every moment and knows how to satisfy them by accessible way and satisfies. SEi also sees well the physical desires of others. In sexual relations person of this social type is the leader, that is, as the first pilot and always sees what to other person need and knows it. SEi sees hunger or thirst of others, slightest discomfort and creates a pleasant environment for them, prepares to eat, to feed and creates comfortable conditions for rest and good mood. A person of this social type knows how to create a physical and spiritual harmony, beautiful, comfortable, healthy and pleasant environment for humans of all ages. SEi has creative approach to human emotions and is able to transform the energy of negative emotions into energy of kindness and sincerity. A person of this social type from the childhood brings up a taste of the aesthetic harmony of love and gentleness in every aspect of the natural environment and the spiritual world of human. SEi practically helps to a person in a social development.


         SEi can notice and remember almost everything that gets in sight to the smallest detail. It can diplomatically resist pressure when the pressure relates to friends and to family. First of all SEi takes care of health and good relationships of relatives, but expects of reciprocity from relatives. SEi can take care of the housing and financial support own family, is able to defend their interests. A person of this social type respects the right of freedom of choice each person and can establish peaceful microclimate of small team by own example of harmonious coexistence in society. SEi has circle of friends and acquaintances with whom the person of this social type feels comfortable. SEi can make compromises for the sake of peace and harmony, to show its friendly attitude to human easily and naturally rounds the rough edges in relations. When from person of this social type someone asks to moral support, then SEi can listen, reassure people and show the way to achieve spiritual harmony by life examples to do good mood.

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